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You do not need anyone to tell you that a spiritual cage fight is going on inside your mind. Chances are you are either in the middle of the cage inside your head going “toe to toe” with one of Satan’s toughest fighters now, or perhaps, you are between rounds gasping for air as you desperately try and listen for the voice of your trainer telling you how to stop the sharp “elbows of adversity” hitting you in the face.

The fact is all of us have our own spiritual battle to fight. Our adversaries are the same: Satan and his followers. However, the fighters that we face are specially trained to match up against our individual weaknesses. You may be fighting against enemies that I have never heard of; deep personal fighters you have carried in your mind for years. You bleed secretly and weep silently; but on you go, round after round. It is tough, but somehow you have managed to stay on your feet even though you are starting to feel the pain of the powerful “helpless leg kicks”.

I have no way of knowing how tough your opponents are or how inflamed your injuries. However, I do know someone (read more)